The best 5 questions to ask yourself to crush your goals

Happy 2017!! The new year is here and is time to dance with possibility!! the energy of renewal is at its highest now. Here are some questions to guide you in the process to set powerful resolutions and create the most amazing 2017!
1.What is my why?
Remember the core values that are important for you, reevaluate why each of them are important and how they create joy and happiness in your life. As time goes by our ideals and wishes change so take the time to start where you are, see how cultivating certain values in your life have served you, ask yourself what to let go and what to add more of. Cross out what doesn’t serve you and replace them with values that align with your intentions in this moment.
2. Does my resolution support the vision I wish to create with my life this year or is it something I think “I should” do?
Look at your wishes with compassion allowing yourself to be free of judgement for this question. Beware of the clichés like lose weight or be more active, not that these are not well worth it resolutions, but make sure you are clear your resolutions align with things that will create happiness for you. If what you enjoy is to eat pasta and drink wine don’t write don’t get a six pack even if you feel you “should” be fitter. Go with what makes YOU happy.
3.What is possible for me when I fulfill on my resolution and how does success looks/feels like?
This question helps you get excited and determined about your resolution. It leads you to be clear about what you need to do when the motivation goes away and gives your heart the hope necessary to stick with whatever you are setting your mind to. Close your eyes and see yourself triumphant, be fully in that better version of yourself, how do you smile when you get your wish? Save that feeling somewhere sacred in your heart and return to it when times get bad.
4.What actionable steps can I take to support my success and by when will I do it?
Getting specific is the most important part of achieving anything. Make each actionable step ridiculously easy and give yourself a very tight deadline then increase the difficulty as time goes by. For example, you wanna floss your teeth daily, start by flossing one tooth. You can definitely achieve that! Once it becomes a habit for you there is no difference for your brain whether you floss your whole mouth or just a tooth. We are creatures of habit.
5.In a scale from 1 to 10 how much each of these resolutions serves my life emotionally, spiritually, and financially?
Once you have some ideas use this rate system as a way to prioritize and allocate the appropriate time to what’s more important to you.

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